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I have sensitive teeth and need a dental cleaning. Can you help?

Letting us know you experience sensitivity is important, that way we can take extra care on areas that bother you. We want to encourage our patients to communicate with us about how they feel during their dental appointments so that when we reach a particularly sensitive area, we can take extra caution with air and cold water. Sometimes these measures alone can make all the difference.

Gum Recession and Sensitivity 

For areas of recession, we can discuss some options for you to make those parts of your teeth less sensitive. From special products such as pastes and fluoride treatments designed to reduce sensitivity to more permanent options like gingival grafting, fillings, or veneers, we can address your specific concerns once we see you for an exam.

Extreme Gum Sensitivity

In some extreme cases, when patients really experience a lot of gum sensitivity, we can use numbing agents or sedation to help manage pain so that you can have the professional cleaning you need. Putting of your dental cleaning due to sensitivity will only worsen your condition and create other health issues for you.

Finding out the cause of your sensitivity will allow us to help you solve the problem once and for all. Whether it is because of clenching and grinding or for some other reason, addressing the problem allows you to feel more comfortable, have professional dental cleanings, and enjoy the beverages you love.

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