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Will my root canal hurt?

Dental Office | Dentist Lafayette Usually, the pain associated with a root canal is due to the trauma or infection that is being treated and not from the procedure itself. Typically when patients have a root canal procedure, they report great relief from their pain.

What To Expect

You may feel some soreness or discomfort after the procedure as a result of your body's own natural healing process, but you are unlikely to feel a thing during the procedure itself. We will make sure you are completely numb and comfortable for your root canal procedure.

Once your root canal is complete, our doctors may decide to prescribe additional medication to assist with healing, but only if they think it is necessary. You will receive any special care instructions, as well. We will also schedule a follow-up exam to make sure you are healing properly and that everything looks good after your treatment.

Gentle Root Canals in Lafayette

Drs. Smith and Domingue may also recommend a crown on your tooth once your root canal has completely healed. Because the root canal procedure removes the nerve from your tooth, it may become brittle after treatment. A crown can help to stabilize your tooth and protect it.

Our dentists are skilled in sedation dentistry, so if you are nervous about your root canal, please let us know so that we can help to put you at ease.

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