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What does having a root canal entail?

Top Dentist in Lafayette | Dental EquipmentWhen people ask about root canals, they are actually referring to root canal therapy. Root canal therapy involves treating a tooth by eliminating an internal infection in order to save your tooth.

How We Diagnose Tooth Decay

Many people who need a root canal experience pain, but not everyone. Sometimes, your root canal may be diagnosed from your routine exam and x-rays. Often, if you need a root canal, your tooth may feel sensitive to things like hot coffee or you may experience a throbbing sensation. An exam will allow us to determine the cause of your symptoms. If you need a root canal, we will get to work quickly before the infection has a chance to progress.

After you are completely numb, comfortable and relaxed, your root canal begins by our skilled dentist making a small hole in order to access your tooth’s root. Our dentist will gently remove any infection inside your tooth and fill it with an inert material and medication to assist in healing.

Root Canals in Lafayette

You may experience some sensitivity following your procedure, but after a few days you should be feeling completely normal. Drs. Smith and Domingue may recommend a crown to protect your tooth after a root canal because root canal therapy can cause your tooth to become brittle and structurally compromised.

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