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When is IV sedation appropriate?

Woman holding hands in front of mouth | dental anxiety lafayetteDrs. Smith and Domingue may recommend IV sedation in a couple of different situations. If you have a very complex procedure and they think you would be more comfortable for treatment, they may recommend IV sedation. Sometimes it is easier to accomplish certain types of procedures like implant placement, extractions, or complicated root canals if patients have IV sedation.

While we will always make sure you are completely numb for every procedure, IV sedation offers extra insurance that you are completely comfortable and relaxed.

Sedation for Dental Anxiety in Lafayette 

You may also consider IV sedation if you experience persistent dental anxiety and you need complex treatment or multiple procedures. When you utilize IV sedation, you will not have any awareness of your surroundings or have any memory of the treatment. In many ways, it is the perfect treatment for people who have dental anxiety. It gives you a worry-free option for treatment.

You may choose IV sedation if you need multiple procedures and want to get them done all at one time. Because you will have no sense of time while you have IV sedation, you may find that having all of your dentistry in one day is possible. 

To find out if IV sedation is right for you, contact our office for details.

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