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How does intraoral imaging help with diagnosis?

Intraoral imaging is a series of pictures we take inside your mouth. In order to accomplish this, we use a special camera that is tiny but has a high resolution so that we can see even the very far back areas in your mouth.

Digital Imaging

Drs. Smith and Domingue use the latest in digital imaging to assist with diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of dental conditions. Intraoral imaging is useful because no matter how we try, it is difficult to get an accurate view of your back teeth, especially if you have a small mouth or if you still have your wisdom teeth.

Intraoral Imaging in Lafayette

Intraoral imaging can also take pictures of the backs of your teeth, allowing us to see areas we have a difficult time getting to. Intraoral imaging can help us diagnose conditions like broken fillings, cracked teeth, recession, periodontal disease, abnormal wear and recession, abfractions, and decay.

We place the camera inside your mouth and we can see all of your teeth close up. If we see something that looks suspicious, we can snap a photo and it will save in your computer chart for one of our doctors to review. If they diagnose a problem or see something that requires your attention, they will let you know right away.


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