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What happens if I put off root canal treatment?

A root canal may be necessary when you have an infection in your tooth. Having an infection can pose a serious risk to your health. In addition to the risk of sudden pain and missed time, you could experience systemic repercussions to an infected tooth.

A serious infection can spread to your vital organs like your lung, hearts, or your brain. Scientists linked infections in the mouth to heart attacks and strokes.

When you leave any infection untreated, you run a number of risks. In your mouth, the risks are particularly unpleasant. If your infection progresses and you have an abscess, you may experience severe facial swelling or a pustule on your cheek or gums that leaks pus.

Root Canal Therapy in Lafayette 

Ultimately, if your body is unable to fight off the infection, your will lose your tooth. A root canal eliminates and prevents the recurrence of future infections by removing the pulpy material inside the tooth as well as the active infection. Drs. Smith and Domingue could recommend that you have a crown on your root canal tooth to protect it since teeth with root canal procedures become brittle and more susceptible to damage.

Keeping your natural teeth is important to your overall health and that of your remaining teeth.

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