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What happens during a professional dental cleaning?

When you come in for a professional dental cleaning with our highly skilled hygienist, you get more than just a polish. Our dental hygienist is often the first set of eyes to notice anything different about your dental health or your health overall.

If you suddenly have a dramatic change in the health of your gums, it can indicate a more serious illness or condition. Therefore, our hygienist often asks a number of questions before getting started so that she can update your medical history and make sure all is well.

Dental Cleaning in Lafayette 

Once our hygienist gets down to the business of cleaning your teeth, They may use a small measuring device to determine the health of your gums. Your gums are supposed to fit tightly against your teeth; otherwise, food and bacteria can get caught in those pockets.

If we notice any areas that require you attention, we will let you know, so you can pay extra attention to them when you brush and floss.

Then our hygienist will gently and thoroughly remove any calculus (hardened residue) from your teeth. Once this residue hardens, you cannot remove it on your own.

Our final step includes polishing your teeth to remove any remaining particles or surface stains so that your smile looks shiny and feels smooth.

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