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How long does it take to get a dental implant?

Dental Implants in LafayetteIn order to tell you accurately how long it takes to get a dental implant, we would need to do an evaluation in our office. Typically, dental implants take several stages starting with the surgical placement. We will need to take x-rays and other images to determine if you are a good candidate for a dental implant and where exactly we should place it.

The Steps to Dental Implants

Next, Drs. Smith or Domingue will surgically implant the implant “root” into your jawbone. Normally, we will give you time to heal so that your bone and the implant can integrate.

After that, we will place a healing post on your implant to promote healthy gum tissue while still allowing us access to your implant so that we can take impressions and custom design your implant crown. If your implant is in a highly visible location in your mouth, we may make interim arrangements for some other type of prosthetic tooth in order to improve your appearance.

Dental Crowns in Lafayette

Finally, once your custom crown is ready, we will place the crown on top of your implant. Your crown will complete your chewing surface and improve the aesthetics of your smile. Your smile will look natural, beautiful, and like your implants were there all along.

The whole process usually takes a few months in order to achieve the best results.


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