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How long do dentures last?

How long any dentistry lasts depends largely on the patient. Because your biology, how you care for them, and your lifestyle all play an important role in the longevity of your dentures, it is tough to say without knowing your particular situation.

Longevity of Dentures

For a patient who is completely healthy with minimal bone loss, as long as you take care of your dentures, they should last around five to seven years. Taking care of your dentures is necessary. That means using denture specific cleaners and coming in for regular exams even if you are missing all or most of your teeth.

Dental Exams in Lafayette

When you come in for an exam, Drs. Smith or Domingue will perform an oral cancer screening and look at your dentures for any signs of wear or broken teeth. If they notice that your dentures need a repair, they can either do it for you or send your denture to a qualified dental lab with a quick turnaround. Taking care of maintenance on your dentures is important.

Eventually, as with all dentures, they need replacement. We can help get you fitted for a new set of dentures so you feel comfortable, sore free, and eat the foods you love.

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