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Is dental imaging safe?

Dental imaging has always been one of the lowest radiation emitting styles of x-rays in the medical world. Additionally, not all of the imaging we do is x-ray based. We also use photography for diagnosis and photography does not have a radiation risk.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays in Lafayette 

When dentistry began the big switch over from traditional to digital dental x-rays, one of the greatest benefits was the lower radiation. The images also provided unprecedented clarity and sharpness. With digital imaging, our dentists can manipulate your dental x-rays, increasing the contrast and changing colors in order to make certain dental conditions easier to diagnose.

In many cases, you receive a bigger dose of radiation from space by walking outside than you do from regular digital dental x-rays. When we set the machines to take pictures, we use the lowest radiation setting possible in order to still create an accurate image.

We also only take the x-rays needed for diagnosis. Typically, that means once a year unless you experience a problem.

While it seems like we take a lot more pictures than in the old days, know that our methods of diagnosis are paying off. People are keeping their teeth longer than ever, as dentistry has become a profession of prevention.

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