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How has dental imaging changed over time?

Not so long ago, the only imaging most dentists used were the old fashioned films that needed to be developed by hand in a dark room at the dental office. The images were often grainy and useless. Unfortunately, by the time the films finally were developed, it was often too late and the patient was already out the door.

So many more options exist for dentists today. From digital dental x-rays to 3D imaging, we have an entire world of x-rays and photography at our disposal.

Digital x-rays are still the standard for diagnosis in dentistry. From bitewings to a full smile panoramic x-ray, we still use these to diagnose things like decay and cracked teeth.

Dental Technology in Lafayette 

In addition to the traditional x-rays, we use various styles of digital cameras to photograph your smile from different angles. This can help with the evaluation of your bite and for cosmetic evaluations. Our tiny intraoral camera can even zoom in on individual teeth so we can see if they contain cracks or have any type of damage.

The latest dental technology utilizes 3D scanning in order to more accurately place your dental implants, improving their success rates. We also use the 3D scanner for bone grafting and endodontic treatment.


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