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Will I need a crown after my root canal procedure?

Top Dentist in Lafayette LABecause each patient’s case is different, we cannot determine what will work best for you before a complete exam. However, we do know that after a root canal procedure, your tooth may become brittle and more susceptible to breaking.

About Root Canals in Lafayette

People who come to us in need of a root canal are often in pain. Once we do an exam, we can determine the cause of your pain, such as an infection that requires a root canal. A root canal is often a last effort to save a troubled tooth. When we do a root canal procedure, we essentially clean out the contents of your tooth in order to eliminate your infection. Because the pulp and nerve are completely gone, you will no longer have pain and that is a big plus!

But because your tooth is no longer vital, it can become quite brittle and more breakable than a healthy tooth. A crown works because it places a protective cover over your entire tooth like a helmet. Your crown will absorb the shock from chewing and protect your delicate tooth underneath.

Once we perform your root canal procedure, we can determine if a crown is necessary to protect you from tooth breakage or loss.

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