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Are dental x-rays necessary?

XRay Dental Technology in Lafayette Drs. Smith and Domingue are completely committed to your dental health. Good dental health begins with solid prevention techniques including diagnosis and early treatment. At our Lafayette, LA office, we utilize the latest diagnostic technology to assist in patient treatment.

Typically, we will take x-rays once a year unless you encounter a problem and then we may require additional images to diagnose and treat your condition.

Important Diagnostic Tool

Dental x-rays are one of our most useful diagnostic tools. They allow us to see into places we otherwise could not, such as beneath your gums, between your teeth, and under your enamel. With x-rays (and other digital imaging equipment), we can find problems quickly while they are still small and monitor your treatment progress.

Digital x-rays also assist us when we develop and place appliances, including dental implants. The proper placement of implants is essential to the function and long-term success of your dental appliances and restorations.

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Our office relies on digital x-rays, which use up to 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays, because your safety and your health are both important to us. Digital x-rays are extremely safe and convenient. No more waiting around for them to be developed like back in the old days. We can see results instantly and treat you accordingly. Give us a call if you are overdue for your next professional cleaning and exam.

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