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Are dental veneers permanent?

If you are considering veneers, chances are that you do not like something about your smile. Making a decision to have dental veneers should not be taken lightly. In order to place dental veneers, a thin layer of enamel must be removed from your teeth to make space and create a good bonding surface for your veneers. Once this is done, the process cannot be reversed.

Dental Veneers in Lafayette 

The veneers themselves are designed to be durable and stain resistant, but they may need to be replaced after a period of time. How long they last depends largely upon how well you care for your teeth and gums. Having impeccable oral hygiene will help your veneers last a very long time. Biting into certain hard foods may also damage your veneers, just like clenching and grinding your teeth may damage your porcelain dentistry.

At your regular examinations we will check the condition of your veneers. If we see a problem with some of your veneers, we can replace them, keeping your smile looking beautiful for a lifetime.

Our patients are very happy with their veneers and report that they would do it again. Their new smiles mean so much to them that the maintenance and care of their dental veneers seem like a small price to pay.

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