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What are the benefits of 3D digital imaging?

3D digital imaging allows us to get a clear and complete picture of your mouth so that we can diagnose dental conditions and plan for implant placement. The images require no time to develop, which allows for faster diagnostics and treatment, and are easily understandable for improved patient education about conditions and recommended therapies.

3D Imaging in Lafayette

With 3D digital imaging, we can monitor your bone levels over time to identify any changes we see in the levels or density of your bone. When tooth loss occurs, bone levels tend to decline. We can recommend therapies and procedures to help maintain bone levels such as bone grafting and implant placement. By addressing bone loss early, we can limit the damage done to other teeth over time.

What We Can Identify Using 3D Imaging

Using 3D digital imaging, we can also identify any impacted teeth or abnormal structures within your bone, making planning for surgery and other procedures easier and less problematic. Having 3D imaging prior to surgery is like having a clear and concise road map. This information allows us to make the best decisions regarding your health and to perform the procedures in the most successful and least invasive way possible.

With the low radiation levels in digital imaging, the benefits far out weigh the risks.

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