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Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening?

Professional teeth whitening can help improve the appearance of teeth that have been stained by smoking, food and drink, certain antibiotics, and yellowing due to the aging process. The teeth whitening process, however, cannot remove certain types of staining or discoloration.

Dental Exam in Lafayette

We are happy to examine your teeth, discuss the causes of your staining with you, and then provide a recommendation as to whether teeth whitening would be appropriate for you. We can provide the cost and your possible outcome so that you know what to expect once whitening is complete.

Whitening and Sensitive Teeth

Some patients with very sensitive teeth and gums may need other therapies in conjunction with teeth whitening to assist with maintaining comfort during teeth whitening procedures. We have various products that can help with sensitivity and can also provide recommendation as to the frequency and length of teeth whitening, which also plays into teeth sensitivity.

If the discoloration of your teeth is resistant to bleaching, we can discuss other cosmetic options to improve the color and appearance of your teeth including veneers, crowns, and dental onlays. Drs. Smith and Domingue know that both health and beauty are important to our patients and they are committed to helping you achieve your dental goals.

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