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Support Your Oral Health with Better Nutrition!

December 31, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Danny Domingue
Top Dentist in Lafayette, LA

By now, most of us understand that sugar is bad for our teeth. Many of us may have even eliminated it from our diets, or at least have tried to cut back. Have you considered, however, how the rest of your diet plays a role in your oral health? Your dentist in Lafayette explains.

Consider Your Carbohydrates

Did you know that starchy carbohydrates such as chips and breads turn into sugar as they break down? The process takes longer since they are complex carbohydrates, but the starch allows them to stick to your teeth longer than they should, giving them plenty of time time to cause damage to your teeth. Snacking on carbohydrates can also lead to tooth decay.

Choose Foods High in Fiber

Foods such as meats, carrots, and apples, to name a few, require you to chew more for proper digestion. Chewing increases saliva flow. When your saliva flow increases, it washes away the excess food particles and bacteria in your mouth that contributes to tooth decay. Saliva also helps to neutralize the acids in your mouth that cause cavities.

Smart Snacks

Limiting your snacks throughout the day is best for your oral health, but if you need that afternoon snack for fuel, be smart about what you choose to eat. Pick fresh fruits, veggies, unsalted nuts, peanut butter, cheese, and yogurt to give you energy and protect your teeth from decay.

Talk to Your Lafayette Dentist

If you have questions about your nutrition and oral health, Drs. Smith and Domingue are happy to help! We are your partners and we're honored to be part of your healthcare team. Our staff takes the time to educate you about things like diet so you can make the best decisions about your teeth and oral health.  Give us a call today to answer your questions or schedule your next appointment.

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