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Mouthwash Myths And Benefits

November 5, 2015
Posted By: Dr. J. Jerome Smith
Preventive Dentistry Lafayette LA

Most people know to brush at least twice a day and to floss at least once day, but mouthwash can also be incredibly helpful to your oral health. That is, if you are using the right product and using it correctly. There are several different opinions on mouthwash and several different types to choose from, so it can be difficult to choose the best mouthwash for your dental needs.

Mouthwash Myths and Benefits

All mouthwashes are good – No matter what the bottle says on the front or how many dentists the ad says recommends it, it is always important to pay attention to what is actually in your mouthwash. Many mouthwashes contain a high amount of alcohol which can lead to root sensitivity. Even alcohol-free mouthwashes can cause side effect such as staining but they will be less harsh on your mouth.

Mouthwash cures bad breath – The only cure to minor bad breath problems is good oral hygiene. While mouthwash may temporarily hide bad breath, it cannot cover up bad breath forever. Not only will your saliva eventually rinse all mouthwash out of your mouth, many experience bad breath due to the foods they eat that when digested move into your bloodstream and eventually your lungs which cannot be overpowered by mouthwash.

A little goes a long way – To get the full benefits of mouthwash it takes more than a little amount and a quick swish. Most of the time it takes about thirty seconds of constant gargling and swooshing to benefit from using mouthwash, but it is best to check the directions for the recommended dosage.

It can replace brushing – Brushing and flossing are probably equal in their importance when it comes to oral care. Though mouthwash can be helpful, it cannot replace brushing. Brushing actively removes food particles from the surface of your teeth so plaque and bacteria can’t grow. Mouthwash can help prevent plaque build up, but it can’t remove it.

Mouthwash can just be used in your mouth – Because of it’s high alcohol content, sometimes it is best to use mouthwash as a way to rinse mouth guards, whitening trays, and toothbrushes to help rid them of active bacteria so it wont grow between uses.

Consult a Dentist

The best way to find out which mouthwash will work best for your needs is to talk to your dentist. They will know what rinse will actually benefit your oral health. If you are in the Lafayette, LA area and need more information about mouthwash, it’s benefits, and which to avoid, please contact Drs. Smith and Domingue today!

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