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Get the Smile You Want with Our Six Month Braces Program

October 7, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Danny Domingue
Get-the-Smile-You-Want-with-Our-Six-Month-Braces-Program- Lafayette-Dentist

Crooked teeth can make it hard to be comfortable smiling and laughing around people, especially for teens and adults who don’t want to spend years wearing unsightly braces. At Drs. Smith and Domingue in Lafayette, LA you can now get the straighter teeth you have always wanted in just six months. 

Six Month Braces Program

While most kids get braces while they are in grade school, getting braces while a teen or an adult can be awkward, especially when they come with a two year commitment. With Six Month Braces you can get straighter teeth in just a fraction of the time. This procedure is meant to straighten only the front most bottom or top teeth in a short time and is best for overlapping teeth, asymmetry, crowding, and spacing. It will have less of an effect on severely crooked teeth, overbites, under bites, and cross bites. 

You also won’t have to worry about the obvious and unattractive metal brackets and wires anymore. We offer clear or white brackets that can be paired with tooth colored wires which are barely visible. Traditional braces often give better results than Invisalign and with less time so now you can get amazing results while still being discrete. Those who use Invisalign may still need to use traditional braces to get the best results. 

Give yourself a naturally beautiful smile without the need for veneers or crowns. Braces can forever correct dental imperfections where veneers and crowns just hide them. You can keep your natural, healthy teeth with less pain, less money, and less time. It is also the least invasive way to give you that perfect smile. 

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Don’t let crooked, oddly spaced, or crowded teeth keep you from enjoying your smile. Our Six Month Braces program can help boost your confidence and self esteem. With years of advanced training and experience, we will give you the best care and results in the Lafayette, LA area. If you have been considering getting braces to straighten your teeth, or need more information on our program, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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