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What's the Difference Between a Simple Extraction and Surgical Extraction?

May 31, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Daniel Domingue
Dental Extractions in Lafayette

You are afraid that your tooth has been damaged beyond repair, and you may be facing an extraction. This idea scares you and has you feeling anxious about going to your dentist.

The first thing you should know is that you're not alone! No one wants to hear that they need a tooth extracted; however, sometimes it's what's best for your oral health and well being. Next, you should know that extractions are probably not as bad as you're thinking thanks to modern dentistry and advanced technology.

Fear and anticipation of the unknown are the worst, so it also helps if you understand a bit more about the procedure you're going to have. Here's what you should know about tooth extractions in Lafayette, LA.

Simple Extractions

A simple extraction is a straightforward procedure used when your tooth is above the gum line and not impacted (stuck beneath the gums). This makes your tooth easy to remove, and you won't feel anything thanks to local anesthetic used to numb the area.

Surgical Extractions

Surgical extractions are a bit more complex since these are the teeth that are impacted, damaged, or broken. Since this type of procedure requires more advanced techniques, we may recommend IV sedation for surgical extractions. IV sedation allows you to be conscious, yet deeply relaxed while we monitor your heart rate and vital signs.

Our Lafayette Dental Team Can Help

Dr. Jerome Smith and Dr. Danny Domingue are proud to offer both simple and surgical extractions at our Lafayette, LA office. We also offer multiple options for dental sedation including IV sedation. This allows our patients to work with the team they've built a relationship with and trust from start to finish, which is a great comfort for our patients. 

If you need to know more about dental extractions, or you're ready to schedule your next appointment, contact our office today.

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