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What Can My Dentist Find Just By Looking in Your Mouth?

July 31, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Daniel Domingue
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Just as your eyes are windows to your soul, your mouth is the gateway to your overall health and well being. Believe it or not, there are a lot of things that your dentist can tell about your overall health during their six-month examination of your teeth and mouth.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is defined as cancer of your neck, mouth, and throat and is responsible for one death every hour of the day. The statistics on oral cancer haven't improved much over the years because this type of cancer is hard to detect on your own and most cases are diagnosed in the later stages, leaving patients with a poor prognosis. Consistent examinations with your dentist every six months are the best way to prevent oral cancer.


Loose teeth and receding gums may indicate osteoperosis (thinning of the bones) if there is no sign of periodontal disease. This is most common in women and dental x-rays can actually be used to screen for osteoperosis.

Celiac Disease

This disease that is typically spurred by ingesting gluten can also cause problems in your mouth. Canker sores, weakened enamel, and a burning sensation on your tongue are all signs of Celiac disease that manifest in your mouth.


Diabetes is a disease that affects most of your body, and your mouth is no exception. People with diabetes are more prone to developing gum disease. Canker sores and dry mouth are also common symptoms in your mouth when you have diabetes.


Anemia happens when your red blood cells aren't working or you don't have enough of them. It can cause soft tissues such as your gums or tongue to lose color. This is because your oral tissues are much more transparent than your skin.

Your dentist plays an invaluable role as part of your health care team. Regular visits every six months with your dentist in Lafayette will not only protect your oral health, but also your overall health.

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