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Dental Fear--A Risk to Your Health

May 10, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Domingue
dentist in lafayette la | drs. smith and domingue

Did you know that millions of Americans have mild to severe dental anxiety? In fact, 30% of American report missing regular appointments or avoiding the dentist due to a severe anxiety about the dentist or dental office.

Sedation Dentistry Lafayette LASometimes the anxiety comes from a bad experience in the past, perhaps in youth that leaves the patient with residual anxiety. Sometimes, dental fears are hereditary. It sounds funny, but parents who fear the dentist are more likely to have children who fear the dentist because their children see their reaction and think that there is something to be afraid of.

Alleviate Dental Anxiety

Our office specializes in treating patients with a high dental anxiety. Our compassionate staff is gentle and patient when it comes to taking care of our fearful patients. When you feel like you need extra assistance to relax for your appointment, we offer IV sedation.

We offer IV sedation because it allows you to have the dental treatment you need without anxiety. In fact, it helps with a number of problems you might worry about during your appointment such as getting completely numb, your gag reflex, and the length of your appointment.

Because we are able to control the level of sedation you receive, we can monitor you closely and keep you feeling completely relaxed for your appointment. You will have little to no memory of your procedures and you will not worry about time. This allows you to have a greater amount of work done in one visit without getting anxious or uncomfortable in the chair.

We know that your health is important to you and offering IV sedation is one of the ways we can support our fearful patients in getting back on track with their dental health.

If you have questions about sedation dentistry and if it will work for you, give our office a call.

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