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What are some benefits of laser dentistry?

Gentle Dentist in LafayetteOne of the primary benefits of laser dentistry is that it retains the integrity of your tooth. Because we use lasers to detect decay and eliminate that while leaving healthy tooth structure, we remove only what is necessary to complete the procedure. This results in stronger, longer lasting fillings.

Why Laser Dentistry?

Additionally, the old method of using handpieces can result in tiny fractures within your tooth. Dental drills use friction to remove decayed material. That type of movement may create small fractures allowing bacteria into your tooth and further the chance of decay. Because bacteria are microscopic, even the smallest crack can allow decay to take hold.

When we use dental lasers at Drs. Smith and Domingue’s office, we do so because we know that lasers can be much more comfortable for our patients. Because the lasers do not rely on friction, we eliminate much of the noise and grinding. For many of our patients, that means more comfort and peace of mind.

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We constantly look for new ways to help our patients to have a more positive experience at our dental office. Using a dental laser for some of these procedures is an easy way to reduce time, sensitivity, and to preserve your teeth.