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Does dental bone grafting hurt?

Bone grafting is like many other surgical procedures in that some post-operative pain may exist, but is manageable with proper post-operative care and medication. Bone grafting does not hurt any more than any other type of surgical procedure. Some discomfort is normal and we will ask you to refrain from certain activities after you bone grafting procedure in order to promote healing.

Bone Graft Process

It takes between 6-9 months for your bone graft to completely generate new bone. During the first 4-6 weeks, your bone graft is still soft and malleable. During this time, your bone graft is still fragile, so it is important to treat your surgical site with care.

Immediately following your surgery, you may experience bleeding. Gently change your gauze every 30-45 minutes as needed until your surgical site can clot. Do not rinse or irrigate the area immediately following surgery because you may dislodge your blood clot.

Smoking can also prevent any oral surgery from healing properly and increases the risk of infection and longer healing times.

We can talk about pain management for your particular situation and pain level. Many of the variables depend on your unique situation and circumstances. At Drs. Smith and Domingue’s office, patient comfort and satisfaction is our number one priority.

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