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Jerome Smith | Doctor
Dr. J. Jerome Smith

Dr. J. Jerome Smith graduated cum laude from the University of Louisiana, then completed his studies at LSU’s School Dentistry. He has been practicing comprehensive, state-of-the art dentistry for more than 35 years. For the past three decades, he has focused on implant dentistry and comprehensive adult reconstructive care.

Among Dr. Smith’s many career highlights are receiving recognition as a Diplomate for the International Congress of Oral Implantology and serving as a Past Continuing Education Chairman for the Academy of General Dentistry. He also serves as Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at LSU School of Dentistry. He is involved with Latin World Ministries Dental/Medical Project and the Lafayette Community Health Care Clinic.

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Daniel Domingue | Doctor
Dr. Danny Domingue

Dr. Daniel Domingue was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, graduating from St. Thomas More. He attended Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge for his undergraduate degree, then completed his DDS degree at the LSU School Dentistry in New Orleans. Prior to joining his uncle’s practice, he practiced dentistry for several years in Lake Charles.

Dr. Domingue has been the recipient of a number of prestigious awards, including Diplomate from the American Board of Oral Implantology, the highest award possible for general dentists practicing implantology. He was the youngest dentist to ever receive this recognition.

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Jerome Smith, Daniel Domingue | Quote
  • “ Dr. Smith and Domingue are absolutely amazing! They do amazing work and they are very accommodating. Dr. Domingue saw me on Labor day to do an emergency fix for me on his day off! They have the nicest staff. I recommend them 100%.”
    Alivia F.
    Jerome Smith, Daniel Domingue | Stars
  • “ I have had the best experience with Dr. Domingue and his staff! He's kind, professional, and is extremely involved with every aspect of the patient care. His staff is one of the friendliest I have ever met. They don't only work in your mouth, they form real professional relationships. Dr. Domingue recently told me he was going to work with my time because, "you are way busier than I am". What a humble statement! I was so impressed when he recently shared that he was going on a mission trip to serve in Mexico. I think he is a gift to the lafayette community, and everyone needs to know.”
    Laura M.
    Jerome Smith, Daniel Domingue | Stars
  • “ Most people don't enjoy going to the dentist but I actually do. Dr. Domingue is extremely caring and knowledgeable and the entire staff is so kind every time I have an appointment. Thank you for your excellent service! I HIGHLY recommend this group.”
    Hannah B.
    Jerome Smith, Daniel Domingue | Stars

How Do Dental Fillings Function?

Lafayette LA Dental Fillings

You just found out that you have a cavity and you need a filling.

You probably have a lot of questions. What exactly is a filling? How does the filling stay in place? Will people be able to see my filling?

At the office of Drs. Smith and Domingue, we take your smile’s health and its appearance seriously. This is why we are pleased to offer tooth-colored fillings in Lafayette, LA. Tooth-colored fillings blend in beautifully with the natural shade of your enamel and are impossible to distinguish from your own tooth structure – even from close up!

Tooth-colored fillings offer a number of other benefits as well:

1. Tooth-colored fillings bond directly to your tooth.

Metal fillings do not bond with your tooth. When a tooth is filled with a metal filling, the dentist must craft an “anchor” to help hold the filling in place. Over time, the filling can become loose, providing an opening for bacteria.

Tooth-colored fillings are made from a composite resin. This structure allows them to actually bond directly to the surface of your tooth. No anchor is needed, and the filling isn’t going to come loose.

2. Tooth-colored fillings allow us to preserve more of your healthy tooth structure.

Because of the need to create an anchor for metal fillings, we have to remove more tooth structure. This means that in addition to clearing away the damaged and decayed portion of your tooth, we also have to remove healthy tooth – something we’d prefer to avoid!

We want to preserve as much of your own healthy tooth as possible, and tooth-colored fillings allow us to do that. We also incorporate laser dentistry into our treatments, which allows for highly precise removal of damaged tooth structure.

3. Tooth-colored fillings can be used to repair different kinds of damage.

Because the composite material used in these fillings is such a close match to your own enamel, we can use it to make esthetic repairs to problems like chips, cracks, worn-down teeth, and even areas of discoloration. This versatile treatment can usually be completed in a single visit for fast, beautiful results.

Regular check-ups are important when it comes to catching cavities and other problems as early as possible. Early detection and early treatment usually means simpler, more conservative treatment, which is something everyone appreciates!

If it’s time for your next check-up, give us a call at (337) 235-1523 to schedule!