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Cosmetic Dentistry - An Investment that Pays Off

Cosmetic Dentistry Lafayette LAToo often, people think of cosmetic dentistry as a luxury or something completely frivolous, but cosmetic dentistry is more than just an exercise in vanity. In fact, having a beautiful smile can really pay off in a number of ways. 

Professional Benefits

If you are still in the workforce, chances are that you work with people nearly every day. As you know, sometimes people can be judgmental about appearances. In fact, your smile is often the first thing that people notice about you. What does your smile project? Are you confident or self-conscious when you smile? When a client chooses to do business ...

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Dental Implants can Improve Your Quality of Life

We know you have seen the commercials with dental implant specialists offering miracles. While some of those promises may be far-fetched, implants do offer a way to dramatically improve your quality of life through increased function, greater convenience, and improved aesthetics.

Implants for Increased Function

Simply put, missing teeth makes eating and speaking more difficult. The simple act of maintaining good manners while eating or speaking with missing teeth can pose a challenge even for the most conscientious patients. Life is stressful enough already without embarrassing moments getting in the way! Dental implants improve your experience by permanently filling in the gaps in your smile so you can speak and eat normally.

Dental ...

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An Ounce of Prevention

Many patients avoid the dentist until something goes wrong. It may seem logical to put off your appointment if you feel fine. After all, we are all leading busy lives and every minute counts! However, I would like to share with you some of the reasons why you should not put off your routine preventative appointments and opt instead to schedule them regularly and appreciate their value.

Many Dental Emergencies are Preventable

Dental emergencies are no fun. What if I told you that so many of them are preventable? It’s true. Your routine exam and dental hygiene appointment are the best opportunity for our dentists and staff to monitor the health of ...

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Building Patient Trust

Have you ever been to a doctor or dental office where you feel just like a number in a chart? That is exactly what we want to avoid! We want each patient in our dental practice to feel valued and heard, so we spend extra time getting to know our patients.

Transparent Dental Care

At our Lafayette dental office, our mission is to provide the very best dentistry available in order to improve the appearance and oral health of our patients. In order to offer you the best care, developing a trusting relationship is essential. We believe in open communication, partnering with you in your health, and supporting you in making the ...

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You Get what You Pay For

Just like with other products likes cars, smartphones, computers, and clothing, the quality of dentistry can vary widely depending on a number of factors including the impressions and images we provide, restoration materials, where the restorations were made, and who designed the final product.

While many cars will get you from point A to point B, the type of vehicle you drive will play a big part in the enjoyment and comfort of your trip. Are you driving an economy vehicle or a luxury vehicle? Are you purchasing something to last many years or just for a short period of time? That concept is the same for dentistry and we strive ...

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Why is Continuing Education so Important in Dentistry?

As with most industries, today, dental techniques, tools, and procedures change constantly. New products arrive on the scene that require our evaluation or new procedures arise to make treatment easier and faster for our patients. It is our job to sift through that information and determine how to improve our patients’ dental experience. 

Continuing Dental Education

As dentists, we feel responsible to stay on top of the latest and greatest that dentistry has to offer because we always want to provide the best treatment for our patients. That is why at Drs. Smith and Domingue, we believe in maintaining the highest standards when it comes to education, training, and certifications. In addition ...

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Young at Heart

Great Dentistry for Seniors

Because people are living longer than ever, you are never too old for great dentistry! In fact, when you think about it, having a healthy smile is the single best way that you can improve your health. Because healthy teeth allow you to eat nutritious foods that you love, supporting your health through nutrition. Not to mention, eating what you love improves your quality of life dramatically.

Even a small amount of tooth pain can cause you to avoid certain foods and opt for softer, easier to chew foods. The problem is that many healthy, vitamin rich foods such as fruits and vegetables require the greatest amount of ...

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