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Perio-Implantitis Explained

Dental Implants Lafayette LA

Dental implants are widely considered the best way to replace missing teeth. There are a number of benefits to dental implants, including the fact that they are not prone to tooth decay. Overall, dental implants are not particularly prone to complications either—except for the slight risk of peri-implantitis.

U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health reports that a study they conducted showed three-fourths of patients studied showed no sign of peri-implantitis.

Although unusual, perio-implantitis does happen, particularly with patients who have had dental implants for the long-term. If you are a dental implants recipient in Lafayette, LA, there are facts you should know about this condition.

When Dental Implant Recipients ...

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Cracked Tooth Syndrome: What It Is and How We Treat It

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

You start to feel that twinge of sensitivity as you're enjoying your first bite of ice cream. You felt this last week too, but it went away quickly. The next thing you know your little twinge is not going away, instead it's keeping you up at night! You may be suffering from a cracked tooth and your dentist in Lafayette can help.

What is Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

Your tooth can become fractured or cracked from a number of different sources such as:

  • Chewing or biting hard foods, candy, or ice
  • A broken down old dental filling or crown
  • Trauma, an accident, or injury to your tooth

Cracked tooth syndrome is tricky because it's often hard to ...

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How Do Dental Fillings Function?

Lafayette LA Dental Fillings

You just found out that you have a cavity and you need a filling.

You probably have a lot of questions. What exactly is a filling? How does the filling stay in place? Will people be able to see my filling?

At the office of Drs. Smith and Domingue, we take your smile’s health and its appearance seriously. This is why we are pleased to offer tooth-colored fillings in Lafayette, LA. Tooth-colored fillings blend in beautifully with the natural shade of your enamel and are impossible to distinguish from your own tooth structure – even from close up!

Tooth-colored fillings offer a number of other benefits as well:

1. Tooth-colored fillings bond directly to ...

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What Are the Elements of a Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover - Acadiana Dentists

Have you been considering a smile makeover? Acadiana dentists Drs. Smith and Domingue have been transforming patients’ smiles for years with beautiful and natural-looking results.

Every smile makeover will be different. The procedures necessary to improve the appearance and function of your smile will depend on your individual needs. When you meet with Drs. Smith and Domingue at our Lafayette dental office, you’ll discuss your goals for your smile. Whether your problem is discomfort, misalignment, or missing or damaged teeth or your goals are primarily aesthetic in nature, we can combine treatments to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Your smile makeover may include one or more of the following:

Dental ...

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You Get what You Pay For

Just like with other products likes cars, smartphones, computers, and clothing, the quality of dentistry can vary widely depending on a number of factors including the impressions and images we provide, restoration materials, where the restorations were made, and who designed the final product.

While many cars will get you from point A to point B, the type of vehicle you drive will play a big part in the enjoyment and comfort of your trip. Are you driving an economy vehicle or a luxury vehicle? Are you purchasing something to last many years or just for a short period of time? That concept is the same for dentistry and we strive ...

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