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Patient Testimonials

See what real patients are saying about our dental practice! 

Highly Recommended

"I didn't know what implants were and Dr. Smith told me about them and showed me and I decided to have it done. I had it done on Wednesday and by Thursday I was eating fried shrimp. It's great. I would recommend it to anybody."
-Mrs. Juanita Boudreaux

Changed My Life

"After a period of time, by running my tongue across my teeth, I couldn't tell which were the implants and which were my real teeth. If I were to talk to a person who has considered implants, I would strongly recommend that they do it. They would just not believe what it would do for their life -- how it changes their life. I know that sounds a little ridiculous, but it's not. It just really changes you."
-Ron Wiggins

Pain-free, Comfortable Treatment

"The procedure itself, I thought was going to be very, very painful. It was exciting to know that, for me, it wasn't. And the follow up care that I received from them was really, really great. So my experience here was wonderful. I look forward to a more rewarding smile than I had before and more security than I had with the other teeth."
-Zelma Charles

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