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What is Laser Dentistry?

You have probably heard of laser dentistry, but might still have questions about what it is or how it can benefit you. The truth is that laser dentistry is a versatile, relatively painless procedure that we use in many conditions related to your soft tissue and teeth.

The primary use we have in our Lafayette dental office is for soft tissue surgeries and treatments. That means everything from prepping for a crown to the treatment of periodontal disease. We can also use laser dentistry for gingival sculpting and the removal of excessive gum tissue. Some of the benefits that come with laser dentistry over traditional treatment are faster healing times and ...

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Why Laser Dentistry is Great for Our Patients

At our office, we carefully consider the benefits of new technology before we invest our time and money into it. Instead of jumping on every new gimmick, we carefully weigh how technology might make dentistry easier and more comfortable for our patients. We focus on results and how to increase treatment success and longevity, providing greater value to our patients.

When we decided to offer laser dentistry, we looked at the benefits from a patient standpoint and came up with a few main reasons why laser dentistry is great for our patients.

Preserving Your Tooth Structure

The old method of decay removal involved taking some healthy tooth structure in order to ensure that ...

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