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Bone Grafting: What It Is and When We Might Recommend It

Bone Grafting Lafayette LA | Woman in dental chair

Are you struggling to manage life with a missing tooth?

When you can't properly chew your food, eating becomes challenging. When you feel embarrassed about the appearance of your smile, it affects your confidence.

Perhaps you've considered dental implants to restore your smile, but you've been told you're not a good candidate for them. Bone grafting might be the solution you need, and Drs. Smith and Domingue can help you.

Bone Grafting 101

Dental implants require that the patient has enough healthy bone structure for proper support. Many dentists will tell you that dental implants aren't right for you if you don't have enough bone support. At our practice, our dentists have extensive experience ...

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Bone grafting - What to expect for your procedure

Poor oral health can cause more than just yellow teeth and bad breath. If oral concerns such as gum disease and tooth decay are not treated and reversed it can eventually lead to the loss of teeth and bone loss. Bone loss cannot be repaired, but if your jaw bone has deteriorated, you may be a candidate for bone grafting. Many dental procedures require a specific amount of bone, which is why Dr. J. Jerome Smith and Dr. Danny Domingue offer bone grafting procedures to their patients that don’t qualify for these procedures.

Bone Loss

Bone loss can be a major concern for those who have severe tooth decay and gum disease. ...

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