What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding utilizes the same tooth-colored composite material we use for filling cavities. Dental bonding is useful for minor repairs and cosmetic flaws on your teeth. One of the big benefits of dental bonding is that minimal tooth prep is required, so you maintain much of your tooth structure, and the repair fills in the damaged or affected area.

We can repair small cracks, gaps, chips, discoloration, oddly shaped teeth, and other minor flaws with dental bonding. We choose to use dental bonding in only certain areas of the mouth that do not receive a lot of force because bonding is not as strong as a dental crown or onlay. Crowns distribute force more evenly and protect your tooth structure, that is why the two treatments are not interchangeable.

Dental bonding can make small cosmetic repairs to your teeth and can prevent decay because of exposed dentin, but for big jobs, think dental crowns, veneers, or onlays. 

Just like any dental work, we match the shade of your teeth with the bonding material we use, so make sure if you have plans to whiten your teeth that you do so prior to your dental bonding procedure because bonding material will not whiten along with your teeth.

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